How to value and select stocks on the Nigerian Stock Exchange as a Millennial or GenZ

by Op-Ed Contributor

Ownership is an important element of wealth creation and it is a concept everyone needs to work towards and aspire to today. Ownership represents a person’s ability and right to possess something that provides the potential for financial security and wealth irrespective of one’s age. It can come in many forms and as assets such as land, a business, precious stones, or financial instruments such as bonds, treasury bills, or stocks.

For a person above the age of 16 and born into the Millennial (1981 – 1996) or GenZ generation (1997 – 2012), it is vital that ownership be taken seriously and adopted early regardless of how much income they make. This article aims to shed some light and provide a framework on the concept of stock ownership and how one can value and select stocks on the Nigerian Stock Exchange today.

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