3 Millennial-Focused Stocks Poised for a Bull Run

By Leo Sun

Millennials, who are about 25 to 40 years old, are now in their prime spending years. They overtook baby boomers as America’s largest generation in 2019, and they spent $1.4 trillion globally last year.

Those growth forecasts make millennials a coveted audience for many companies. However, millennials often buy different products and use different services than older generations. Last November, I highlighted SnapMatch, and Etsy as millennial-oriented stocks that were poised for a bull run.

All three stocks have generated positive returns since then, with Etsy leading the charge with a gain of roughly 65%. I’m still bullish on those three stocks, but today I’ll highlight three other millennial-oriented stocks that could also head much higher this year: Bumble (NASDAQ:BMBL), Square (NYSE:SQ), and Pinterest (NYSE:PINS).

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