3 Surefire Robinhood Stocks to Buy in December

By Sean Williams

Volatility has been the name of the game for the stock market in 2020, and millennial investors have loved every minute of it. We know this because online investing app Robinhood, whose user base averages only 31 years old, has added millions of new users throughout the year.

Lacking experience, many of Robinhood’s millennial and novice investors have chosen to focus on the short term and chase a number of terrible companies. The platforms’ leaderboard (i.e., 100 most-held stocks) is littered with companies and industries that can best be described as dangerous.

Yet, among these many dart throws are a handful of Robinhood stocks that have the makings of surefire winners. If you’re looking for inspiration in December, consider buying into the following three surefire Robinhood stocks.

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