Millennial Investors: Buy These TSX Growth Stocks to Build a Lifetime of Wealth!

By Robin Brown

Although high-growth tech stocks are certainly trading at a premium these days, there is often a reason for it. First, the stocks have either only experienced limited business disruption from the pandemic, or they actually saw business acceleration. Second, many of these stocks are supported by long-term secular business or societal trends (5G, the Cloud, e-commerce, work-from-home, digitization of business operations, virtual reality, etc.).

As such, it’s important that even the most conservative investors have some exposure to these “growthier” opportunities. If anything, the pandemic has demonstrated that tech growth stocks are in some ways more defensive than your traditional income/value stocks (REITs, pipelines, and industrials). Here are two TSX growth tech stocks that have recently demonstrated why they are great long term stocks to own.

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