3 “Sexy” Stocks for Fearless Millennial Investors

By Joey Frenette

Chasing “sexy” stocks is not for the faint of heart. You not only need the ability and willingness to take on elevated magnitudes of risk brought forth by the sexiest growth stocks at any given instance, but you also need a strong stomach to deal with the big ups and downs.

This piece will have a look at three of what I think are the sexiest TSX stocks that are suitable for fearless millennial investors who want to grow their wealth at an above-average rate over the long run. They’re pricey, hyper-growth stocks with incredible stories. And although their valuations may be suspect, young investors like millennials would be wise to add the following names to their radars and get at least a bit of skin in the game today, as they look to build a larger position over time.

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